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Alberta Curriculum Linkages-Career and Life Management 20 (Senior High) /16 (Revised 1989) Alberta Learning, Alberta, Canada

The Alberta Consumers' Association site provides links to information resources that can be used to meet some of the Calm 20 learning objectives related to "develops survival skills related to consumer interactions in the marketplace" of  the core theme, Independent Living.  In addition most of the learning objectives of the optional module, Consumer and Investment Choices, can be met by using resources available through this site.  Some activities that use the site to meet learning objectives are suggested.  If you would like to add an activity to this site, send it to Larry Phillips

Core Theme E: Independent Living

Theme Objective

The student: develops survival skills related to consumer interactions in the marketplace.

Learning Expectations Regarding:

    Financial Institutions

    Consumer Advocacy
Module 3: Consumer and Investment Choices

Module Objectives

The student:
  • develops skills and knowledge to improve consumer and investment decision making
  • identifies strategies that allow wise use of financial and personal resources for immediate and deferred wants and needs
  • recognizes the rights and responsibilities involved in consumer and investment decisions
  • increases ability to modify consumer and investment plans in response to changes in goals, lifestyle and access to resources
  • improves ability to communicate concerns, and to make plans related to consumer and investment choices.
  • Learning Expectations

    Financial Goal Setting Personal Financial Considerations
  • practices correct use of terms related to investment (R/U) recognizes the interplay among the investment characteristics:
  • risk
  • return
  • liquidity
  • term ®
    Activity: have the students compare the investment considerations of investing $1000 in term deposits with the Alberta Treasury Branch verses investing the same amount in consumer products such as the latest Nintendo or Barbie dolls.  Give bonus points to students who recognize opportunity and other holding costs.

    The information needed to complete this activity can be found using the Consumer Information link.

  • assesses the advantages and disadvantages of eliminating or reducing debts as the first stage of developing a personal investment plan (U) identifies commitments related to investment transactions:
  • examines the implications of entering into a contract (U).
  • Types of Investment Activity: have the student find to sources for a product or service they wish to buy.  They should compare the information provided, the price, other contract terms, location of the vendor, redress, and use of personal information.  The students should decide whether it is better to purchase the product locally or directly from a remote vendor.

    The information needed to complete this activity can be found using the Consumer Information link.

  • distinguishes between consumer rights and consumer responsibilities (U/I).

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