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The purpose of this site is to provide the information or links to information that consumers need to make informed and responsible choices.  The Consumer Rights and Responsibilities and competitive markets rely on informed consumers.  Also the consumer education portion of this site provides information for teachers who wish to use the site as a curriculum resource.

The Consumers' Association of Canada, Alberta is an independent, non-profit, volunteer based organization.  CAC Alberta operates as a consumer watchdog agency by monitoring the marketplace; providing information, skills and strategies; analysing consumer problems; representing the consumer interest to industry and government; and uniting consumers to ensure fairness in the marketplace. 

Founded provincially in 1978, our work is funded through individual memberships and donations, organizational subscriptions to our ConsumerWatch Bulletin and ad hoc non-restrictive grants and administrative fees. We are an original founding member of the Consumers' Coalition of Alberta (formed in partnership with the Alberta Council on Aging) to intervene in Alberta Energy and Utility Board (AEUB) hearings related to the regulated portions of household utility bills. For information on how you can support the work of the Association see "Be Informed. Stay Informed" on upper left hand bar.

For further information about our activities read the online sample of our newsletter, Consumer Watch.

Funds are raised through memberships, private donations, and through project grants.   If you wish to support the Alberta Consumers' Association, please print our (Membership/Donor Form) and send your donations or $25 for a membership to CAC Alberta, P. O. Box 11171, Edmonton, AB, T5J 3K4. We welcome stories of your experiences, your feedback and comments. You can contact us by snail mail at the address above, by e-mail at contact@albertaconsumers.org or by calling us at (780) 426-3270.

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General sources of information about education and information for teachers who wish to use the site as a curriculum resource.

Inquiries can be made to:

CAC Alberta, P.O. Box 11171,
Edmonton, AB, T5J 3K4,
Phone: 780-426-3270, Fax: 780-425-9578,
contact@albertaconsumers.org ,

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